Chavo Guerrero Update, Spirt Squad, SmackDown!, More

Chavo Guerrero's bio was removed from the "RAW Superstars" page on following the storyline that he quit this past Monday on RAW after losing a match against Shelton Benjamin. Thanks to everyone who sent that in.


Erin Hayes sent word that separate bio's for members of The Spirit Squad are now up at

Justin sent this in: I just wanted to pass along a news item concerning Smackdown! and Boston. When SD! was moved to Friday nights last September, it was continually pushed to Saturday nights here in Boston due to Friday Night Baseball, where UPN aired Red Sox games. It was recently announced, though, that UPN will not be carrying Friday Night Baseball anymore, meaning SD! will not be pushed to Saturday nights for the entire duration of the six month season. I would say this is good news for a region where the WWE has seeminlgy been struggling lately (poor attendance).