Christy News: TNA Deal, New Movie, Poster Girl, More

Christy is slated to appear in a horror film starring Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) which is called Fallen Angels. A portion of the movie was filmed at the old Ohio State Reformatory.

Christy Hemme has been added to the roster page on the official TNA website. Senshi (Low Ki) has been added as well. Sabu's profile has been removed.

Christy is featured in a graphic promoting the replay of the Lockdown pay-per-view on the official TNA website.

Christy is the "poster girl" for a contest from a Clear Channel radio station out of Charlotte, NC. The radio station, 106.5 The End, is participating in Clear Channel s nationwide contest. Basically, the contest is for listeners to win some money if one of them is the 100th caller.

TNA fan Eric Fields met Christy after Monday's Impact tapings. Here is a report of his encounter...Christy Hemme said she's thrilled to be a part of TNA and that she was well received by the fans there. She mentioned that she signed a one-year contract. There aren't any solid plans for her to team up with any certain wrestler(s) just yet, though they did think of pairing her with Raven originally. For now, she'll be assisting in delivering the "new face of TNA management" and do a few cameos in different capacities at the Impact tapings to establish herself as part of the organization.

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