Fan Try's To Attack HBK At RAW Show In Europe & More

Thanks to Jonny Lav for sending this in:

Went to the book signing earlier today was at 4pm Greenwich mean time and was waiting in a queue of about 300 outside a local bookstore. Got to meet Torrie, Candice and Victoria. very pleasant (Very hot although Candice isn't as hot in person) and they signed my divas mag. HBK was at a toy store (My friend was there) meeting and greeting folks, HBK turned up an hour late but was apparently very apologetic. What really annoyed people was you apparently had to have the "Complimentary Tickets" that you received from the toy store when previously "purchasing wrestling figures" from their store. Unfortunately they did not advertise this and so half the crowd gathered were being told to leave, HBK obviously noticed this and apparently had said to let anyone standing get in to get their figure signed.

RAW HOUSE SHOW Report By Jonny Lav
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Lillian hits the ring welcomes everyone to the arena
says this will be the start of a great two day stay in Belfast.

Announces 1st match scheduled for one fall and RVD comes out, roof blows off the place, RVD is wayyyyy over, not because its the 1st star to be seen, but its Mr. Money In the bank. (Shocked he was out 1st) Matt Stryker comes down and mouths off about the Belfast people being "Un-Educated"

RVD vs. Stryker
Good but quick match, some great back and forth offense including a really sick neckbreaker by Stryker that was almost Orton-Esque.
From that it was all RVD and the Belfast crowd loved it, a rolling thunder, jumping side kick and a 5 star frog splash later and that was all she wrote.

Cade and Murdoch vs. Goldust and The Foot Fiddler (Snitsky)

Decent enough tag team match in which Goldust was well over with the crowd, as in cardiff these two were the comedy duo wearing Cade and Murdochs entrance gear and dancing round the ring. Cade got good heel heat and i swear from the side he looks like the game. G&S won with a neckbraker from Goldust and Big Boot from Snitsky.

Lillian announces the next match is for IC title
Shelton comes out and says, he has been let down on this tour by the fans, everyone seems to think he is the worlds biggest mommas boy, the fans can go to hell and he's here to set the record straight, he isn't the world's biggest mommas boy. (Best promo I ve seen him deliver.)

Carlito comes out, and I am telling you was extremely over, (Always been popular in Belfast) everything he did got a cheer.

Great back and forth match, Carlito hit a series of good moves and near covers, as did Shelton, Carlito hit his Caribbean Back Cracker and got a 2 Shelton hit the t-bone and Carlito kicked out. Shelton hit a spinning kick and Carlito hit a sick ddt. Carlito went for a high cross body and Shelton rolled him up by the tights got 2, carlito revered (By the tights) got 2 then Shelton stole the match with another illegal roll up. Carlito said that's not cool and chased Shelton to the back. (Whole match Shelton got Where's Your Momma)

Side Note (I like how even though WWE have let Carlito turn face, he hasn t changed his in ring style at all, still plays heel and fans love it.)

Umaga vs Eugene
Armando comes out, slags off Belfast crowd, gets good heat and then introduces UMAGA, to one of the most annoying entrance themes i have ever heard, says Umaga is unstoppable, Umaga is indestructible and Umaga is a wrecking machine. Eugene comes out and gets squashed in roughly 3 minutes. Eugene had little offense except a few Hogan right hands and a leg drop. Umaga got the win with a stiff thumb to the eye and samoan neck breaker (His 3mw finisher)

Tag Team Match: HBK and Flair vs. Edge and Masters

Edge and Masters come out to individually to some great heel heat, a lot of which was directed at Edge's Amply chested girlfriend. HBK comes out is hugely over, then something absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for happened a fan jumped the barrier and ran at HBK when he was doing his entrance pushed him and tried to attack him, HBK grabbed him and threw him to security (2 of them) who disposed of the guy. I need to add this is no reflection of the Belfast crowd as the other 10-12 thousand people certainly let this guy know what they thought of him, this guy was a disgrace. Flair comes out to the chorus of wooo's.

Nice tag team match, great selling by the veteran flair who took a beating for 85% of the match whilst Masters and Edge dissected him a downward spiral and Edgecator (Half Sharpshooter) by Edge, and a few clotheslines and suplex s by The Masterpiece who was over big time in Belfast. HBK was tagged in and went to town delivered the elbow drop, tuned up the band, then got a spear for his troubles. Ric then low-blowed Edge (undetected) and a near fall by HBK. Ending happened when Edge was knocked on his ass outside the ring. Masterpiece locked the Masterlock on flair but HBK (legal man) landed masters with a sweet chin music and got the 3.


5 on 3 Handicap Match: Spirit Squad vs. Kane, Big Show and Vis

Viscera was on fire this matches with axe kicks and even a running splash on all 5 members of the squad. Kane and Big Show existed great throughout not showing any signs of dissention despite the huge bandage on shows face. Ending came when a leg drop by one of the was caught mid air by big vis into a black hole slam type thing and Kane and big show double choke slammed the remainder of the spirit squad for the triple pin. Even their "Belfast Spirit" chant couldn t save them. Kane and show left and the squad or what was left were piled on top of each other by the worlds largest love machine and given some visagra.

Divas Over the Top Rope Battle Royal For Women s Title: Candice, Torrie, Trish, Maria, Vicky, Trish and Mickie

What you'd expect not a lot of technical wrestling, Maria is definitely the most over in Belfast (Boy is she hot). Mickie eliminated everyone in the match t retain her belt and i must admit she plays a great psycho. Slaps Trish who was last eliminated and then leaves the ring.

WWE Title Match Triple H vs. John Cena

Basically a carbon copy of their Mania match, excellent match and the crowd was very 50/50, although every single one of them bowed when the king hit the ring (to his new theme I might add). Cena hit some fisherman suplex s, a few right hands, a sleeper and trips was down, he got up and crowd was mostly behind him, running knee smash and amazing spine buster for the two. Match continued is this vain and the last few minutes was great stuff. Ref bump as trips pushed Cena into the ref. Went to get himself a sledgehammer and crowd went nuts, as he was getting it and turned to hit Cena with it, EDGE ran out and speared the game. Cena took advantage of this and Edge didn t leave but watched on as Cena hit the stfu, HHH didn t tap but instead got up and continued to beat down on Cena ref was bumped again and Edge speared Cena this time but got a sledgehammer by the game for his troubles followed by a pedigree and a crotch chop. HHH picked up Cena and went for the pedigree was revered and Fu for the 3. Still champ Cena.

Fan were all over Cena at the end and although allot of people were chanting for Cena, at the end the boos were very loud thanks to his win.

Biggest Pops
Triple H
John Cena (His 11 year old fans and lady fans are still quite loud)
Carlito (Big Time)

Biggest Heat
Cena After his win

Overall a really good show and a great night, one dips–t tried to ruin it by attempting to beat up HBK but the security guards sorted that.