God To Be At RAW, John Cena/Stuff Mag & RAW News

Credit: PWInsider.com

Due to NHL Playoffs, TSN has changed its schedule AGAIN for the episode of Raw that is airing on 4/24/2006. It was expected that Raw would air at 10pm as is listed in many TV Guides and on the TSN site, however TSN announced last nights its schedule of games and has decided to show a 'double hitter' on Monday Night.

At 7pm, TSN will show Philadelhpia @ Buffalo
At 9:30 pm TSN will show Colorado @ Dallas

As a result, the 4/24/2006 edition of Monday Night Raw can be seen at the following times on TSN. 4/25/2006 12:00am (so late Monday Night, early Tuesday in the usual Pacific Prime Start time. However if the Colorado @ Dallas game runs into overtime, the start time for Raw will be pushed back and will be shown in its entirety after the hockey game) 4/25/2006 8:00pm (Tuesday night) 4/26/2006 3:30am (so late Tuesday Night, early Wednesday). For the 5/01/2006 edition of Monday Night Raw, TSN has left the time slot from 7pm and later empty, as it depends if some of the series go into a 6th or 7th game (and the teams playing are only American teams). If Round 2 hasn't started or it is not two American teams playing, TSN will air Raw in its normal time slot. So basically, it is all up in the air. Those of us in Canada should begin to get used to preemptions of Raw, as in the Fall TSN will air Monday Night Football in the RAW timeslot.(Thanks to Adam Lebow)

MediaLifeMagazine.com features an article regarding the cable ratings for the week ending April 16 (including RAW).

Stuff Magazine features an article with WWE champion John Cena where he picks his favorite old school wrestlers.

WWE announced on their text message service that there will be a handicap match on RAW this Monday. The update said, Vince McMahon is "sacrificing his only begotten son" against Shawn Michaels and God.