HHH & Fans Steal Cena's Spot At Backlash PC, More

Credit: Terri Bey & PWInsider.com

I attended the Backlash Press Conference at Rupp Arena. I thought I would pass on a few notes. I don't remember everything, but here are a few points:

I arrived at 6:30 a.m. to get in line. I sat second row. It was very exciting to have a PPV here in Lexington.


The Coach came out and poked fun at our basketball team. In the middle of his speech, he had to take a phone call. When he came back, he said it was from Vince McMahon.

The Coach introduced HBK, who came out to a huge pop. A huge DX chant erupted. HBK said, "All things are possible for those who believe." HBK then talked about his match with God against the McMahons. He mentioned how Lexington, KY is the buckle on the Bible Belt. HBK sat at the table, and sat right in front of me. I was thrilled as he is my favorite wrestler of all time.

Trish came out next and talked about her match with Mickie James. She asked if we liked her better as a blond or brunette.

Carlito talked about how dumb Chris Masters was .


Edge comes out and said he didn't need the fans. He said he was going to be a two-time champion.

HHH came out and he was awesome. I am a huge HHH fan. I did the "We're not worthy bows" to him and he saw me and pointed at me. It was great! He talked about how he wasn't going to take Cena lightly. He was funny. He referred to some fan as "Tom Cruise." He said that he did everything better. He said he tapped out better. He said that he sang better than Cena. He said he rapped better than Cena. He said he danced better than Cena, and proceeded to do a disco dance. God, was that hilarious.

Cena came out and was booed, with a mix of Cena chants. There were a lot of HHH chants as well. Cena could barely get a word in as the HHH chants erupted. HBK up and left and came back and said, "Shut up and let the man talk." Cena said basically he would retain his title.

As the wrestlers left, Edge gave the fans the finger.