Incident Involving John Cena At A Chicago Airport

Thanks to "Spiral" for the following information.

An incident involving John Cena took place at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday morning. The following information came from two sources from the O'Hare Airport. One source is a person's eye witness account of the incident. The other source is from written documentation of the incident. Here is an eyewitness report in regards to situation at hand...

"John Cena was at O'Hare Airport in Chicago on Tuesday morning to get a flight to Tampa. He arrived too late to check in his bag for the flight and was informed by the ticket agents that his bag wouldn't be able to make it. Cena started swearing at the agents and gave them the finger before leaving his bag and departing for the gate, despite knowing his bag wouldn't make the flight. The gate was called and told to not let him to board. Cena returned to the ticket desk and saying "f*** you" repeatedly to the agents present, and he was told to stop using profanity. A manager came to the desk and again told him to stop using profanity. He was rebooked on a later flight.

Apparently, this incident caused a big scene at the airport, and it could have much worse than it actually was. In situations such as this one, the customer is not allowed to the fly on his or her original flight. Customers that are abusive to airline staff usually have the police stationed at the airport, called in. A WWE representative personally called the O'Hare airline to apologize for Cena's disruptive behavior. Also, the source was told that if Cena ever misbehaves at the O'Hare airline ever again, he will be denied boarding on the flight and he will have to find another airline in which to fly on.