Ivory, Melina, HHH/Cena, The Marine Update & More

This Sunday in Las Vegas, all those in attendance @ "The Olympic Garden" (adult cabaret & prime WWE PPV viewing location in Vegas) will get a chance to meet former WWE Women's Champion & TV personality Ivory. She will be signing autographs from 4pm – 6pm (yes during WWE's Backlash). There is no cover charge but there is also no cameras allowed inside (after all, it is an adult strip club). So if you're in the Vegas area, check it out: https://www.ogvegas.com/ppv.html. (Thanks to R C Jones II)

The WWE is promoting a house show next Saturday here at Arco arena. The main event is a WrestleMania rematch between "the champ" Cena vs. HHH in a Sacramento Street fight with special guest referee Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. (Thanks to Jason)

On wwe.com, the WWE superstars section has a Top 5 most viewed SmackDown superstars Banner consisting of The Great Khali, Undertaker, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Melina. (Thanks to Justin SP)

Just thought I'd let you all know that according to a recent releases update on BoxOfficeMojo.com, The Marine, starring John Cena, is now scheduled for release on Friday, October 13th (it was originally going to open on September 8th, which also happened to be the week before The Rock's new movie Gridiron Gang would be out) of this year. The Grudge 2 opens on the same day. (Thanks to James)