JBL, Hulk Hogan Update, WrestleMania, More

JBL's latest column on TheStreet.com has been posted online. In his column, JBL compares the participants of several WrestleMania participants to various stocks.

The latest edition of Velocity is online. The Gymini wrestle Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan tangles with a local wrestler, and Vito takes on Funaki in the main event.

An article in The Penn takes a positive look at WWE and WrestleMania.

The Ultimate Warrior will be speaking at DePaul University this Tuesday at 5 p.m. Only students are permitted to attend.

Hulk Hogan did an interview with Newsday and he is featured on the official Newsday website.

There is a half page photo of Hulk Hogan in the "Normal or Not Normal" column in the 4/10 edition of The Star. Hogan is on the "not normal" side. In the same issue, there is also a photo of actor Jack Black in his costume for the movie "Nacho Libre."