Maria/Big Show, Chris Benoit, Mania Tickets, & More

Maria and Big Show were on WGN Morning News earlier this week and Show joked about himself. He said that he's the only action figure with a fat stomach. Also, Big Show said that Carlito and Chris Masters will become big stars some day. Maria and Big Show were said to come off well in the interview.

Here is a fan's report from a Chris Benoit autograph signing at a Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits restaurant at Round Lake Beach.

I also had a bad experience with the Chris Benoit signing at Popeyes at Round Lake Beach. I got their an hour and a half before the signing time at 3pm. The signing wasn't until 4:30pm and ended at 6pm. I was waiting in line and security claimed to say they have passed out 200 tickets to guarantee an autograph, and they said he "might" sign for the other people. I was probably a few people back from the 200, and when Benoit's limo pulled up people cut in line with none of the security guards to be seen, I also would like to add Benoit was 30 minutes late as well. Once we found out he got there at 5pm, the security told us that he will sign until 6:30 which got hopes up for people when they could have had told people there wasn't a chance. When 6pm passed they said he won't be signing more and he needed to leave, a lot of upset fans were there trying to cause a riot. I was very discouraged and I would like to add on to a list of complaints on terrible management and security work on these Popeyes signings.

Also, a sign on the street read, "Come see WE star Chris Bonit Thursday at 5:00." A wrestling fan went to the manager to have him fix the sign before Chris Benoit arrived. The manager's response to the misspelled sign was, "That is how the name is spelled on the e-mail I got. He's a boxer, I think."

A Chicago area ABC affiliate is reporting that a few extra Wrestlemania tickets were released yesterday. Visit, as there may be some available.