Miss Nitro Back In Jail, RAW Supershow News For Tonight, More Inside

Former WWE wrestler Aaron Aguilera (Carlito's former bodyguard Jesus) will be making his MMA debut as he will be taking on Eric "Butterbean" Esch on 4/21 at the NBC Arena in Honolulu for Jay Dee Penn's Rumble on the Rock promotion. Butterbean defeated another wrestler by the name of Bart Gunn via knock out in about 30 seconds at WrestleMania XV.


Paul Ellering is currently recovering from a freak frozen eye injury (corneal frostbite) he suffered in March in an iditarod dog race in Alaska. It was 50 degrees below zero, and Ellering decided to fall alseep on his sled on his face. When he woke up, his eye was frozen. Ellering said that it wasn't painful at first, however, the pain became excruciating later. He then had his eye bandaged up and he continued on with the race. Fortunately, he's expected to get most of his vision back in that eye, although, his eyesight was never that good in the first place.

WWE Monday Night RAW will be listed in both first and second place next week for the highest rated show on cable.

The only thing confirmed for WWE Monday Night RAW tonight is a Jim Ross interview with Chavo Guerrero. They will be playing off the storyline that Chavo "quit" two weeks ago after his loss to Shelton Benjamin.


If anyone is attending RAW tomorrow night in St. Louis, they will be taping SmackDown before the show. We would appreciate if anyone could send in a report if they attend the show.