More WWE News: RAW, Backlash PC Recap, New Perverted Wrestler

The advertised Raw special taping for June 6th in Dayton, Ohio at the Nutter Center is now listed as a Smackdown taping instead.

Don't forget that tonight's tapings will be a super show. WWE is taping both Raw and Smackdown in St. Louis tonight due to the long tour of Europe that both brands will be going on this week, starting on Wednesday in Italy.

Bryan Carney sent in the following recap: I was just on and saw that the press conference was up. There are some technical difficulties on some parts, but otherwise it's fine. Shawn Michaels and Trish got a huge reaction. Carlito got a mixed reaction to the crowd, while Edge was booed heavily, even though at first people were cheering for him, he then told them that he didn't need the fans help and that it was a hate hate relationship. After that he was booed. After that, Triple H came out to a huge huge reaction. On a side note, Triple H said he was better than Cena in everything even dancing. Then, Triple H did a little dance and moonwalked and then said "Can't touch this", it was really quite funny. Next, came Cena, and he got a so-so reaction. People would start to chant Cena, but then a even louder crowd chanted for Triple H. There were a lot DX chants, and Triple said that either him or Shawn Michaels would have to convert. Fun Press Conference

An unspecified WWE wrestler will be getting a pervert gimmick. WWE have trademarked the term, "Prince of Perversion."