New WWE Signing, Tatanka, Umaga Update & More

Sources:, Pro Wrestling Torch

World Wrestling Entertainment signed Harry Smith to a contract last week while he was in town for the WWE Hall of Fame induction for his Uncle Bret Hart. He is scheduled to join WWE full time in May after he fulfills a few overseas commitments first. Upon his debut, Smith may be linked to Chris Benoit as his protege.

A few personality vignettes featuring Tatanka with his Indian tribe will air in the upcoming weeks on Smackdown. Several vignettes of Tatanka with his Indian tribe aired before his WWF debut in 1992.

Umaga (Edward Fatu), may be based on a UK rugby player by the name of Tana Umaga. Tana Umaga, who was the captain of his team, recently retired. Early in his career, Umaga got into trouble for supposedly head-butting a woman at a local pub. Also, he was vilified in the U.K. for roughing up another rugby player with an illegal spear tackle.