Possible **SPOILERS** For Tonight's WWE WrestleMania 22

Source: Wrestling Observer

Several wrestlers not involved in matches are going to be involved in a show long series of comedy skits.

The Edge/Foley match will have some high risk spots.

Mickie James will more than likely win the WWE Women's Championship tonight to keep her feud with Trish going.

Carlito and Chris Masters are probably going to win the tag belts from Kane and Big Show.

Kurt Angle is probably the least likeliest wrestler to win the three way title match. Orton was scheduled to win at Mania for months on end, however, plans have changed and Rey Mysterio is the most likely person to win the match.

As for the Cena/HHH match, it will either be a HHH win or double turn will be done and Cena retains the gold.