PPV Feed Problem In Canada, More WrestleMania Notes

Arash Markazi from the Sports Illustrated has written a detailed, and positive, review of this past Sunday s WrestleMania weekend on SI.com. Arash Markazi attended several WWE events leading up to the PPV and also had backstage access and even traveled with WWE stars at different points. The review features quotes from backstage, including reaction to John Cena's victory in the main event.


IGN s blog section also features many interesting review of last Sunday s WWE WrestleMania 22

Bell Expressvu in Canada had a feed problem with Wrestlemania, which is apparent because all of the replays on the All Day Ticket have had the exact same cut out of the feed during the opening PPV Montage (right around the HBK/Vince part of it). I haven't had a chance to watch the entire PPV straight through on Expressvu, but so far I believe that was the only cut out of the feed (and it isn't a remote satellite issue, because I have seen the same problem occur about 3 times now in a row during the opening). As noted a few weeks back, Expressvu has decided that instead of waiting until Tuesday to air the replay, they were going to start airing replays in loop immediately after the PPV, in an All Day Ticket fashion. (Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in)