RAW News, Orton's Suspension, Mysterio, SmackDown!, More

Adam Lebow sent this in: Just thought I would pass on that TSN, the home of WWE Raw in Canada, has closed down its wrestling subsection, which typically consisted of Recaps of Raw and OTR interviews conducted, as well as news posted on the WWE website. If you go to the url (click here) it now shows a chart of when WWE Programming is on TSN and a new Navigation Bar on the left hand side shows you to go to WWE.com or WWE.com/Canada.

WWE.com has a new article up about Randy Orton titled "Downward Spiral" where they talk about his recent suspension. They also talk about a new storyline that will spoil this week's edition of SmackDown if you haven't read the tapings yet.

Although we won't go into details about what the spoiler is for those that don't read the weekly TV tapings for SmackDown, we can assure you that it is just a work and not real.

A section looking at Rey Mysterio's "road to the gold" for the World Heavyweight Title featuring three video clips has been added. To view them all, visit www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/reymysterio/roadtogold/.

A wallpaper section for WWE Champion John Cena has also been added.