RAW News, The People's Elbow, John Cena/NFL

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Part of a segment from last week's WWE RAW featuring Triple H talking to Lita is in "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here is the video link: https://theync.com/h042906kimmel7.shtml (Thanks to KucamongaKid)


On the 3am edition of ESPN Sportscenter, when describing a elbow to the head that Robyn Regehr had on Temmu Selanne, right into the baoards, the ESPN anchor described it as 'The People's Elbow." (Thanks to Adam Lebow)

I was just watching the 2006 NFL Draft and after the Denver Broncos selection they showed a commercial for the draft. In the commercial was Broncos draftee Jay Cutler. Cutler was wearing a John Cena Spinner Beltbuckle. The camera got a close up shot of it. (Thanks to Scotty Hurley)