Recap Of WWE Big Time Moments On Dish Network

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in:

I didn't see anyone recap the WWE Big Time Moments that has been playing for the last week or two on Dish Network for $0.22. The problem is that the show is a 50 minute promo for Wrestlemania so wrestling fans aren't going to buy it for $0.22 and casual people are not going to tune in and maybe have some interest for $0.22. Also, before the recap, Dish Network is promoting Wrestlemania 22 on their Dish Home Interactive Feature on Channel 100.


Shows kicks off with usual WWE Opening, followed by the generic Wrestlemania 22 Promo that played all year. Todd Grisham is our host and he leads us into the creation and history of Wrestlemania.

We go to a piece that aired on Confidental a few years back with Brisco, Heenen and Bruce Prichard all talking about the creation of Mania. Brisco talks about the orignal meeting where it was brought up, Heenen gives his story about having a beer with Vince after the show and Vince saying here is to Wrestlemania 102. and Prichard talks about being on the outside looking in at the time. We see footage during this piece of the main event of Hogan/Mr T vs Piper/Orndorf.

Wrestlemania big time moment- Undertaker defeats Sid for the WWE Title


Grisham talks about Undertakers legacy at Wrestlemania.

Talking about Big Time Moments, we move onto the ladder Match from Wrestlemania X, Shawn Micheals vs Razo Ramon (c). This is the orignal Confidental piece that doesnt have any commentary from Scott Hall and where Shawn takes credit for this match resulting in TLC. We see lots of clips and shots from the match, including Razor going up top to get the two IC titles.

We get a Dish Network promo for ordering Doom, featuring The Rock, where you can get two Rocky posters for sending in your order reciept.

We move onto Grisham talking about Wrestemania moments for The Rock and we go to Wrestlemania 18, Toronto, On, Canada at the Skydome (now the Rogers Center) to join Hulk Hogan vs The Rock already in progress. We get to see the last 7 or so minutes of the match.

We move onto Grisham talking about some of the greatest moments of all time, leading us into the final 2 minutes of Wrestlemania 13's 60 Minute Iron Man Match between Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart (c). After the match has been orded to continued, we cut to Shawn hitting the first Superkick in OT, followed by "Micheals getting all of it' to win the title. Creative editing leads to Bret storming out of the ring immediatly and Shawn already being given the title (a lot faster than I remember it happening).


Grisham talks about setting attendence records at Safco Field, Skydome and the Pontiac Silverdome (Ford Field). Jesse Ventura talks about why it was the greatest Mania of all time. We see clips of Andre vs Hogan. Prichard talks about the 1,2 and 3/4 pinfal during the match. Chris Jericho says "you kind of knew Hogan was going to win, but you didn't know for sure". We see Hogan slam Andre, leg drop and the pinfal. Prichard mentions that Mania 3 was the stamp for Wrestlemania. HBK says that match made Mania have to be 'a lot bigger' than the other Pay per views.

We get the piece on Mania selling out in 2 minutes, including that idiot who flew out to Chicago to buy tickets (which probably cost more than the tickets). Ticketmaster buddy...

Wrestlemania big time moment is Trish winning Womens title at Mania XIX.

We then get the closing montage from Wrestlemania XXI but unfortuantly the music has been changed to a generic themesong that sounds horrible and does not go with the video footage. Talent not at this Mania but in the montage include Guerrero (RIP), Christian, Jericho, Christe Hemmie, Mohammad Hassan (and Maybe Davari),, Hogan, Rowdy Piper, Austin (when he says b—h in his promo it gets beeped out), Akeebono and Batista.


Grisham says Batista winning the title means one day he could maybe win the title, then he gives us a history lesson and informs everyone that the Royal Rumble winner moves onto Wrestlemania.

We cut to the Final 4 from Rumble 2006 (Miami), with HHH, Orton, RVD and Mistero all in the ring. Order of elimination is RVD (4), HHH (3), Orton (2) and Mistero winning.

Grisham puts over Mania one more time before we lead out with the extended promo and Dish Network voiceovers.