Recap Of WWE WrestleMania Free For All

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in:

WWE has gone and posted the Wrestlemania Free for All on their website. Here is a recap.

Typical WWE Power is Back Opening.

Todd Grisham reminds us Mania is on Sunday at 7pm and begins to rundown the card, in the following order.

HHH vs Cena – WWE Title
Foley vs Edge – Hardcore Match
McMahon vs HBK – No Holds Bared
Orton vs Mistero vs Angle – Triple Thread World Heavyweight Match

Grisham tells us that the champion doesnt have to be beaten to lose the title. We then go and take a look at how Angle won the title, by beating Mark Henry in the Smackdown Battle Royal, followed by clips of Mistero winning the Rumble and the Orton vs Mistero match at No Way Out. Teddy Long decided to put Rey back into the match We then see some prerecoreded footage of Angle, Orton and Rey all getting ready backstage, clips from titan trons and highlights of all three superstars beating each other up (including footage from yesterdays Smackdown show).

Grisham says all three men want to be champion but only one man will wak out in a show that may steal the show. Grisham then tells people how to stream Wrestlemania online at the WWE website.

We get the promo that ran on Raw for HBK and Vince McMahons match, including footage of Shane putting Shawn in the Sharpshooter at The Main Event.

Grisham is back and asks if anyone has ever had a psyco girlfriend. He leads us into Trish and Micky James leading us into the highlight package that aired on Raw highlighting the Trish-James relationship over the past few monthes (including kissing under the misle toe, the shower scene and the breakup). Turns out that Torrie Wilson was laid out at Raw right before the Main event and James wanted to be Trish's partner. After Trish ran a solo mission on Victoria and Candice, Micky hit the Stratusfaction on Trish. Grisham comes back and tells us Micky is getting a titleshot.

Grisham says talking about psyco and crazy, how about Foley. He talks about how Foley over the last few years has been happy go lucky, but in the last week or two he has returned to his former self. We go to the highlight footage of the Edge/Foley fued that was on Raw Monday Night, including Foley costing Edge the title to Cena. A lot of Cactus Jack footage pputing over the hardcore match, as well as the one man conchairto on Foley. The part of the Foley promo where he says Cactus Jack is back from Raw a few weeks ago is taken out of the voiceover.

Grisham says asks what toys Foley may bring to the ring and says the only way to find out is to order Wrestlemania on the WWE website, which also gets 7 Classic WWE moments.

We see the Undertaker/Henry promo that aired on Smackdown this week. It turns out Mark Henry has nothing to lose, except his 10million dollar contract and going into a casket, while Taker is 13-0 and Mania. Hmm, who is going to win?

Grisham thanks us for watching Free-for-All and says that the road to Wrestlemania has been a living hell for Shawn Michaels. This leads to the HBK/McMahon promo that aired on Raw, highlighting some of the all time best highlights of HBK. We go to the promo at Christmas where Vince said he screwed Bret Hart, so HBK better hope he doesnt screw HBK. Turns out HBK has been screwed worse than Bret according to Vince.

Grisham says Wrestlemania makes names, Rock, Hogan, Austin, Micheals and others. He says there is one exception from that list, HHH has never beaten Cena. We go to the HHH/Cena promo where we see the two working out and training, including footage from Cena's debut in the local hero challenge against Kurt Angle. HHH says he is a step above everyone and Foley, Austin and Flair all put over how he is the King of Kings.

Grisham moves onto Benoit and JBL for the United States Title. Grisham says JBL broke his hand because of Benoit.

Grisham goes to Money in the bank match and says that we saw a few monthes back how winning the match pays off, so all 6 men (Flair, Hardy, RVD, Benjamin, Finley and Lashley) will want to guranatee theirself a match against the champion.

Grisham reminds us Foley will take on Edge.

Also Boogey Man will take on Booker T and Sharmel in a 2 on 1 match.

Another title is on the line, as World Tag Champions Big Show and Kane will take on Masters and Carlito

As well as a Playboy Pillow Fight, as Torrie is looking for redemption for being turned on.

Taker vs Henry in a Cakset Match

James has a new obssession, to take the title away from Trish. Grisham says Trish's 15 month reign is in jeporady against the boarderline phsyco James.

Vince vs Shawn. Grisham wonders if this may be HBK's last stop as Wrestlemania.

Smackdown Main Event is a Triple Threat Match, and Angle wants to continue his Smackdown domience.

We go back to footage from 'Last Night' on Smackdown, as we see the finish of the Angle vs Misterio match with a 619 being countered into an Ankle lock. We then cut to Orton attacking Mistero in the ring, hitting an RKO. Orton promo saying he is going to hit an RKO on Angle at Mania, but Angle decides he wants Orton know and they brawl. RKO reversed into an Olympic Slam (Angle Slam) and then an Ankle lock.

Grisham says it will be a great match and remember that Angle can lose the title without being beaten. Grisham again reminds people how to order the show on the website, including putting over the 7 classic matches (which includes Austin's debut at Mania).

Just when you think it is over, we get the HHH/Cena advertisment that aired on Raw, where HHH puts over being the King of Kings and Cena saying that it doesn't impresse him.