Rey Mysterio, Tim White, Mick Foley, WWE DVD News

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I was just on and there is a survey about an upcoming DVD. The DVD is the best of the WWE Championship. And you select 5 matches from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's. It will be a 3-Disc set and is scheduled for a 9/9 release date. (Thanks To Adam Compton)

I was just over at Rey Mysterio's official site and on the main page they have the following message "Due to many fake Rey Mysterio wannabe's on, Rey will soon have his offical MySpace! Check back for more details!" Also during the "Candid one on one with Rey" under the interact link, in part 2 of the video he shows some Mysterio brand shoes that he and his daughter have and mentions he will be trying to get them so fans can buy them. (Thanks to Jarrad)

The latest installment of Lunchtime Suicide with Tim White & Josh Matthews is available on, The tables are turned at the familiar Friendly Tap.

Also, Foley is Blog has been updated. Mick Foley speaks candidly about Paul Levesque's influence on careers and his thoughts on the Raw toilet flushing segment. He points out HHH's memory loss on the subject of who actually put him over. (Thanks to Jimmy A)