Sable/Lesnar Marriage Date Revealed, RAW Notes, More On Sabu

I was listening to a Minneapolis morning radio show with Brock Lesnar as an in studio guest. He will be marrying Rena Mero (ex – Sable) on Saturday, May 6th.

After Viscera gave the Coach a Samoan Drop and Big Splash, he proceeded to give him the "Vis-agra". For some reason, the WWE cut this bit out.


Sabu has officially signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Best known for his run in ECW, Sabu wrestled for TNA Wrestling as recent as last night at their Lockdown PPV, losing clean to Samoa Joe. Sabu's agreement is for one year with the option to renew for a second year. Sabu will be wrestling at the upcoming ECW One Night Stand PPV in June and will be appearing on WWE television along with several other ECW stars in the weeks leading up to the ECW event.