**SPOILERS** SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to David Sauls:

I just got back from the Smackdown taping in Peoria, Illinois. It was a good night, not great but not bad, just good. The crowd was kind of out of it most of the night.

Dark Matches:

Gymini with Simon Dean vs. CM Punk and James Keenan. Punk took most of the beating and Keenan got most offence for that team. Gymini win but need a lot of work still.

Matt Hardy vs. Colt Cabana. Hardy wins with Twist of Fate and his music cued at 2 not 3. After the bell rang, Animal came out beat Hardy, threw him into to ringpost then hit his arm with a chair

Josh and Steve come out

Finlay vs. Psicosis Finlay gets mixed reaction from crowd. Finlay get win with Emerald Fusion.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki vs. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash Scotty got a small "Scotty sucks" chant and saw very little of the match. He ended up getting hit by both guys. Kash held Funaki back while Jamie got the pin

Lashley vs. Vito with Nunzio Quick match, Lashley over BIG Wins with the Dominator


MNM vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick. London and Kendrick come out and pick up Melina while she was doing her split intro and did a circle while carrying her. Kendrick in most of the match and beat up good. London gets tagged but it wasn t seen, when he finally gets in he clears the ring but ends up getting knocked down and set up for the Snapshot. Kendrick comes in and takes out Nitro. London gets a small package and a 2 and 9/10th count. Near fall for Mercury another Snapshot set up and Kendrick stops it again, this time London gets the pin with the small package.

Backstage, Booker T and Sharmell talk to Teddy Long saying they got a restraining order on Boogeyman, if he gets within a 100 feet they will sue Teddy and Smackdown.

Booker T vs. Gunner Scott. Booker way over with the crowd, Boogey s entrance plays, Scott with schoolboy for the win. Teddy comes out and says it was an accident that Boogey s music played, but we all had a Boogeyman experience tonight, then repeats that Gunner won.

Chris Benoit congratulates Gunner backstage.

Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean Benoit attacks Dean before Dean gets to ring. Eventually hits 2 Germans Suplexes then crossfaces Dean for the tap. This was followed immediately by a JBL video about him being a Great American and having a party next week.

Long announces Benoit vs. JBL in a cage for the title later tonight.

Kurt Angle confronts Randy Orton backstage. Orton asks if he lost his belt somewhere then tells him he ll win it so he can find it on his waist. Angle acts like the Hulk with facial, grunt, slaps Orton s face, then grunts again.

Orton vs. Rey Not main event kinda upset but you ll see why it wasn t later for two reasons. RKO chants throughout out along with Eddie chants. Long match. Rey avoids the RKO, hits the corner 619, then the real, then drops the dime for the win

WWE 24/7 video

Miz Video

Rey promo backstage thanking people for his title win.

William Regal confronts Pirate Paul about how he dresses. Paul responds by saying he likes wearing the coat, carrying a sword, and he gets to swing on a rope. They end up betting that the loser of the match has to dress how the other wants. Normal dress for Paul or wench for Regal. Can you guess where this is going?

William Regal vs. Pirate Paul Little heat against Regal at first but overall dead crowd for this one. The Royal Mutilation, next week we get to see Pirate Paul and Wench Regal.

Mark Henry Video

Backstage, there was Hardy, Finlay, Booker T, Benoit, Lashlay, Angle, and possibly one more not noted. Long comes in and says he s bringing back the King of the Ring with the first round next week with Angle vs. Orton who was seated behind the other guys. (So what s up with this 60 day suspension then?)

First and only in-ring Promo was Mark Henry, oh boy. It was HORRIBLE. Same old I ll never be the same, almost died, gonna beat up the Undertaker, who cares.

Mark Henry vs. the Undertaker Slow start but eventually Taker gets Henry out of the ring and is beating him up when Daivari and Dalip Singh come down very slowly, Taker meets them in the ring for a stare down, one big hit and Taker is down, sits up then gets up just for Singh to tear open a ring post cover and slam Taker into and knock him down again. Taker sells the beat down for a long time.

Dark Match

Benoit vs. JBL in a cage for U.S. Championship First it took a good 5-10 minutes to set up the cage cause they brought it from the back in 8 pieces, not very sturdy. JBL comes down pushes on the cage some, Benoit comes down. JBL throws jacket at him and they start. For the most part it was the same match from Sunday just it had Benoit throw JBL into the cage 3 times, JBL did to mock Eddie, then 2 Amigos before Benoit countered and hit all 3, then flying head butt, JBL gets up and hits the Clothesline from Hell for a 2 and an half, Crossface with Jillian climbing the cage to distract the ref while JBL taps (you tapped out chant follows), then JBL takes a tag rope and climbs the cage. Benoit catches him, ref bump, then Benoit s head hit against top of the cage. Then JBL ties Benoit to the top of the cage with the tag rope, then hops down and leaves through the door.