**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Tapings Results

Credit: PWinsider.com & Dave Maxie

Hey I just got home from the Smackdown is tapings in Green Bay tonight. The place was like 70% or so filled up. Some of the upper deck on the non camera side was covered up.

Dark Match:

Gunner Scott over Simon Dean.


1.) Tatanka over Nunzio.
2.) Orlando Jordan over somebody.
3.) Vito over Chris Guy/Colt Cabana.
4.) Jamie Noble & Kid Kash over Funaki & Scotty 2 Hotty.


1.) Brian Kendrick (w/Paul London) over Johnny Nitro (w/Joey Mercury, Melina).

2.) Paul Burchill over some big black guy that I did not know . William Regal was at ringside dressed as a buxom wench.

3.) Matt Hardy over Road Warrior Animal in a very quick and boring match. I think this was a King of the Ring match.

4.) JBL over Chris Benoit in a steel cage match. It was pretty decent nothing really special. I missed the finish because I was going to the bathroom. When I got back JBL was out of the cage and had won.

Dalip Singh has been renamed The Great Khali. He and Daivari cut a promo in the ring.

5.) Gymini (w/Simon Dean) over the Mexicools.

6.) Kurt Angle over Randy Orton. He made Orton tap out to the ankle lock. After the match, he held onto the anklelock for approximately forever, and broke Orton's ankle.

So then Orton hobbled to the back or whatever and Angle came back out. He said he accomplished one goal in breaking Orton's ankle, but he still wanted to accomplish his other goal – winning the title back. He demanded the triple threat cage match still take place. Teddy Long ruled that Mark Henry would take Orton's place. Mysterio pinned Angle in a quick 7 minute dark match that was not very good.