Stacy Keibler Update, Chris Jericho/Groundlings & More

(Thanks to Carol Clark for the following) I went to the Groundlings Theatre last night and caught Jericho's improv show. It was amazing. There were several Jericho fans in attendance (a few wearing Y2J shirts) but it seemed like mostly it was a crows of people there to see the regular improv. Jericho was really good, and was involved in some really funny skits. The show is a lot like "Whose Line is it Anyway" with a director, and people in the audience shouting out ideas. Chris had to perform in a "Shakespeare" play, have a romantic date at Costco, turn into a crime-fighting Robin when tickled...etc. It looked like he had a great time, and he was really good.


The Booneville Daily News features an article on a fundraiser for the Cooper County Relay For Life being held on April 8th with Harley Race and Brutus Beefcake appearing, matches from Race's World League Wrestling promotion will also take place.

Stacy Keibler introduced the electronic world to the new LG 71 television this past week with Todd Pettengill in New Jersey at 6th Avenue Electronics.