The 2007 Diva Search, Colin Cowherd At It Again, & More

- Jonny Fairplay is trying to sell himself as a potential manager for The Miz. At the 4/1 ROH show, Fairplay attempted to get backstage, but Samoa Joe made sure that didn't happen.

- As first reported by WWE s new Mobile Alert system, the WWE $250,000 Diva Search is returning. Casting will begin this June, and aspiring Divas 18 years of age and older will have the opportunity to enter. This year s Diva Search, unlike in the past, will be held on both RAW and SmackDown. Current WWE Divas that have come through prior Diva Searches include Ashley, Candice, Maria and Kristal. Are you the next WWE Diva? Check back here soon on information on how you can enter.

- On ESPN Radio's The Herd show today, Colin Cowherd went on a rant ripping on wrestling fans, calling them "booger eaters", and to turn the radio off because he was going to have grown-up talk. It was a lead-in to talking about steroid usage and that NFL athletes are the best in the world and that you couldn't get any bigger or in better shape than them without steroids. He then took pot-shots at wrestlers and fans for a while longer, continuing to call them booger eaters, saying they lived in their parent's basements, and that 90% of his audience is above them, basically the same generalizations the mainstream press makes on a regular basis. He then implied that Eddie Guerrero was on steroids when he died, took a couple more shots at wrestling fans, calling them morons, and then moved on.