Triple H's New Theme, Orton Update, WrestleMania, Cena, More

Dave Berry sent this in: I was searching for the new music Motorhead recorded for Triple H "King of Kings." While searching I found that at the Sony Music Store they are actually taking preorders for a new WWE disc that will be out near the end of May. From what I read it will feature bands playing WWE stars songs. posted the following comments from Randy Orton earlier today regarding his 60 day suspension from World Wrestling Entertainment that will begin on April 12: "WWE has certain standards of conduct they expect out of all the Superstars on both RAW and SmackDown. Unfortunately, I violated those standards and was not representing WWE the way I should have been. Basically, my conduct was unbecoming of a champion, which is what I will be again when I return."

WWE has just added two new WrestleMania 22 t-shirts for WWE Champion John Cena and newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio.