What You Won't See On WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Thanks to Gramgrampsantjen for sending this in:

I went to the SmackDown taping April 11 in Green Bay.
The Resch Center was pretty full, there were still some seats that were empty.

Before Velocity started a bunch of people that had seats by the Titan Tron and that big set up, Teddy Long was backstage and shook hands and talked with those fans.

Also before Velocity, this guy got in a fight with 3 cops. He got stung, but he STILL KEPT FIGHTING!!! That fight went for as long as 15 minutes!!

Everyone really loved Rey Mysterio. But at the end after the air, Rey came and shook hands, but all these stupid kids came from their seats and came to ours; they filed in and stood on OUR seats that we paid for, to get to shake their hands. It really got the people in my row and the row ahead of me.

During one of the SD! matches, I don't remember which one, a crew member was moving one of those silver prop things on the ground and it made a really loud noise.

The crowd booed at the refs, because they wouldn't smile.

Ken Kennedy's Velocity appearance might have been the most popular. The crowd chanted his name really loud. He made the point to say " You know I'm from here?! Scratch that, I moved to Minnesota!" That got boos!

During Randy vs. Kurt this one guy kept yelling "ORTON'S SUSPENDED!!!!"

Booker T's entrance was realllly hot, the fire kept going!