WrestleMania 22 Live News & Notes

Thanks to Michael August for sendning this in:

I was at WrestleMania and I figured I would share some notes if you want to post them anywhere.

The stage was supposed to look like the Chicago skyline and it was nice. There were these big banners with the wrestlers that were competing and those blocked most of the upper decks view of the titantron and the screens hanging above the screen. A lot of people had to move and stand for the whole show. Just to show haw bad it was, you normally are sent back to your seats if you stand up by the entrances, but the staff didn't care.

Big Show and Kane vs. Carlito and Masters

Most of the crowd was behind Kane and Big Show. After the match, a lot of people were chanting for Carlito to start fighting Masters.

Money in the Bank

It was a good ladder match, but a lot of people were upset the table didn't get used. Most of the crowd was behind RVD, but some were chanting for Flair and Hardy. There were some "Holy S***" chants during this match.

Howard Finkle came out and introduced Bret Hart and the crowd went wild until he said Hart wouldn't be taking part in tonight s activities which generated many boos. The Eddie chants were really loud when Chavo came out during the Hall of Fame segment.

JBL vs Benoit

The entrance ramp lifted off the ground so JBL's limo could come out. I didn't know it could do that. There were some boring chants for a little bit during this match. Most people were upset by JBL's victory.

Foley vs. Edge

This was definitely one of the best matches of the night. We already knew Foley could take bumps, but Edge had a tremendous performance. The crowd went wild when Foley tore off his shirt and became Cactus Jack. There were lots of Ho chants whenever Lita interrupted. The crowd was also very pleased when the thumbtacks made their appearance. No one really expected Edge to get dropped onto them. Holy S*** chants erupted when Edge speared Foley through the burning table to win the match. Edge was applauded after the match for his performance.

There were lots of laughs during the segment with Booker T and all the freaks. It had to be one of the funniest segments in a long time.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T and Sharmell

Not a whole lot to note here. The fans were cheering when Boogeyman kissed Sharmell with the worms in his mouth. It was a pretty disappointing match.

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus

Pretty much the whole crowd was behind Mickie in this match, but when she botched the Stratusfaction, "You f***ed up" chants rained down upon her. The chick kick she did after was very weak looking, but the crowd was still happy when Trish won.

Mark Henry vs. Undertaker

This match started out slow and even got some boring chants. This match was certainly a let down. The crowd cheered for Undertaker when he power bombed Henry and then the crowd got loud when he tombstoned him.

McMahon vs. Michaels

Michaels had this confetti shot when he came out, but a large amount got stuck hanging from the ceiling and was there for the rest of the night. The crowd loved it when Michaels did Shane's taunt while beating him with the kendo stick. Michaels did the DX suck it sign and then did an awesome elbow drop on Vince.

WrestleMania 23 was announced that it will be in Detroit which got some boos.

Rey vs. Orton vs. Angle

I thought the P.O.D. performance was pretty bad. Angle was definitely the favorite in this performance. The crowd was into it for the majority of the match, but Rey was booed when he won. There was even a "This is bulls****" chant. Not a whole lot of people liked that Rey won the match.

Pillow Fight

This was a huge waste of time and shouldn't have followed a World Title match. It definitely deserved the boring chants it got throughout the match. When will the WWE learn that we want wrestling, not pillow fights.

Triple H vs. Cena

HHH's entrance was applauded by many. The rising up from below on the throne was awesome. Triple H's crowd reaction as he entered the ring was loud, and not in a bad way. Cena came out with a gun and fired some shots like Chyna used to do. There were many crowd battles during this match. I'd say the crowd was split about 2/3 Triple H and 1/3 Cena. Every move was either booed or cheered. There were "Let's go Cena" chants, but the louder chant that battled that was "F*** you Cena". After Cena won, most of the arena turned on Triple H, but as Triple H was getting up to leave, the Triple H chants became loud. He started to act babyface and it could lead to a turn.

Other notes:
No one went through any of the announce tables, which is quite weird.
Chicago really doesn't like John Cena