WrestleMania Hotel On Lockdown, Hogan, HHH, & More

A radio host made fun of some WWE fans on yesterday's "Mac, Jurko and Harry" radio show. Mac said that he saw the crowd outside the press conference yesterday and that it was the worst collection of people he had seen in some time. He also talked about some WWE fans needing deodorant and that everyone seemed to have a shaved head. Harry said that he's usually able to score tickets from sold out events from the All-State Arena owner, however, the owner said he hasn't seen a ticket buzz for an event at the All-State Arena like this one in ten years. Also, there was some talk on a few radio stations that the Wrestlemania buyrate may not be as strong as expected as the White Sox home opener takes place on the same night and they are raising the championship banner.

The Westing Hotel in Chicago is on "total lockdown" until Sunday. Unless you are affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, you can't even get into the lobby. The entire hotel is booked for the weekend.

There is a message on Highspots.com that says that the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology DVD will be released in November 2006. It was originally scheduled to be released next Tuesday, however, it was delayed for some unknown reason.

Triple H is featured on the cover of The Chicago Sun Times Weekend section of the paper as well as a small picture of him on the front page. The Chicago Sun Times also features a WrestleMania 22 article.