WrestleMania Spoilers?, Lots & Lots More WrestleMania News & Notes

If you were to look up Live Events on WWE's website, you would notice that there are several post-WrestleMania house show lineups listed with the champions and matches that would seem to indicate what the results of this Sunday's Pay-per-view will be.

As of right now it is in question as if to someone that works for WWE's website is really screwing up, or WWE is inadvertently spoiling the results of their biggest Pay-per view of the year. Either way, if you want to be totally surprised by Wrestlemania, I would recommend not going to the Live Events section on WWE.com until after the PPV, just to be safe.

Thanks to Tom Giannopoulos for sending this in:

I first attended the Press Conference at The Chicago Theatre. I saw Cena enter The Chicago Theatre, and he only greeted fans for a couple seconds and then made his way into the theatre for the conference. Afterward, when the superstars were walking out into their limousines, none of them interacted with the fans at all. Suprisingly, John Cena walked straight into his limo, and drove off, but Triple H greeted, and INTERACTED with the fans a lot!! In return, fans chanted his name!! After fans started chanting "Triple H" over and over, Triple H, looking completely stunned, climbed the limo, and posed for everybody a good couple seconds, and even gave thanks for chanting his name!!!

Today, John Cena was at Gameworks in Schaumburg, Illinois for an autograph session. It was suppose to go from 6:00 until 8:00 and I stood outside for 4 hours trying to meet him. I got poured on by rain, and I froze nearly to death, as did almost every fan out there. He only took the first 600, and told security to get rid of the rest. At which point, security blocked off the entrance to Gameworks, and even dismissed a lot of the people that had already made it inside the building!!! Not to mention, he did this as it was only 7:30.. Cutting it a half hour shorter than scheduled. If this doesn't spell out a***ole, I don't know what does..

Planned for today s WrestleMania 22 activities is WWE WrestleMania Fan Axxess tour starting at Noon and ending at 1:30pm, at the Woodfield Shopping Center in Schaumburg featuring Val Venis, Paul Burchill, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade and Animal. Shawn Michaels is scheduled for an autograph session at Border's on N. Michigan at Noon. While Randy Orton has a signing at 11:30am at Best Buy in Schaumburg.