WWE's Hotel, WrestleMania, The Hart Family, More News

The hotel that WWE are staying in is not exclusive to WWE, as there are regular guests staying. However if you are not a regular there is no way of getting in.

The last WWE Friday Night SmackDown before WrestleMania scored a .5 rating on the overnights, which is down from recent weeks. UPN finished in fifth place of the six English networks and sixth overall.

Teddy Hart, Harry Smith, Nattie Neidhart and T.J. Wilson along with Bret Hart's four children were at the Hall Of Fame last night in the second row on camera. All of the Guerrero s except oldest sister Mary were in Chicago. Blackjack Mulligan is there although nobody had seen him as of last night.

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in: For whatever reason, I decided to watch the Wrestlemania 22 Press Conference and if you watch it near the end (during the Cena promo and during The Coach's closing statements) it is very noticeable that HHH and HBK are interacting with each other and having a conversation (and with HBK laughing at the HHH let me clear my throat bit). Just found it funny that WWE releases that just days after HHH taking a sledgehammer to Shawn on Raw after the two fought earlier in the show.