WWE News: ECW Alumni, Snitzky, SmackDown!, Lots More

- From Jeff Sheridan: There is a WWE videogame article in today's New York Daily News. Although it's not on the site, in the actual newspaper, there's a photo of Shelton Benjamin with the article.

- From Matthew McKinney: These ECW Alumni have profiles at ecw.com: Paul Heyman, Tazz, Joey Styles, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Chris Beniot, Mick Foley, and Terry Funk. You can also check out the Title Histories, Photos, & Results since 1995.

- From Mike Informer: Columbia Missourian posted an article on Gene Snitsky, the former football player at columbiamissourian.com/sports/story.php?ID=19454.

- From Mike Informer: Smackdown did a 2.4 over night rating, without the New York market figured in.

- Diamond Dallas Page has signed onto the Jakks WWE Classic Superstars action figure line.