WWE RAW Results (4/10): God & Vince, Edge/Cena/HHH, More

WWE RAW Results (4/10): God & Vince, Edge/Cena/HHH, More

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Monday, April 10th, 2006
Location: The Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

RAW opened up with a bang as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us to the show from Milwaukee!

In the arena:

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Lita in tow. Joey Styles announces it will be a triple threat match at Backlash for the WWE Title between Edge, John Cena and Triple H as Edge grabs a mic. Edge looks to be in a good mood as he says that the Rated R Superstar is back where he belongs, because he s back in the title hunt. He said it will be a triple threat for the WWE Championship at Backlash, Triple H vs. John Cena vs. him! Edge says he has to be the odds on favourite. He says Triple H tapped out at WrestleMania, and last week on RAW, John Cena got Pedigreed and pinned. Edge says he was victorious at Mania, and had his arm raised last week on RAW, so the people better start to appreciate him! He says he was the most watched WWE Champion in the last five years, and at Backlash, he will become a two time WWE Champion, so when it comes to becoming WWE Champion, look no further because the champ is here!

The music of John Cena then hit as he made his way down to the ring as the WWE Champion! Cena got on the mic and said easy, and thank you very much for the introduction because now the champ is here! He said you can stay out here and rant and rave, but it is him who holds the WWE Championship. Cena is getting a mixed reaction again, and says Edge won t go empty handed because he has&he has what he has and that s his own fault (towards Lita). He said as far as being the most watched WWE Champion in five years, it s about time someone put it to him straight, he was WWE Champion for two weeks. The first week everyone tuned in to see who took the title from John Cena, and the second week they all tuned in again to see him kick Edge s ass! He said for the sound of it tonight, these people would like a repeat performance! Cena said he came out here to fight, and wants to go right now. Edge said to hold on, he cares about what everyone thinks. He said last week he thought he was forging a alliance with Triple H but he Pedigreed Cena and made him look like a chump, and when it comes to the issue of these people, it s real simple, he despises all of these morons, and in turn, they despise him back. Edge said Cena cares about what the people think about him, he goes out of his way to try and please them, and when he does that, unless they are under the age of seven, they can t stand you! He asked Cena how that makes him feel. Cena said there s a little unrest, but that s because the people know him too well, they look at him, what he fights for and stands for, and they remember what he was. He said there s a group of people out there who want to see a different side of him, a side that s black, ruthless, maniacal, pompous, crass and a little bit sexual. Been there, done that, and these people want him to look them in the eye and tell them they su&Cena stopped and said he if goes that route, he ll end up just like Edge, and quite frankly he thinks he s an asshole! Cena said don t get him wrong, he s glad everything isn t glorious in Chain Gang land, because then he d believe his own hype and get some kind of ego problem, and get a nickname for himself like the King of King s or something&

Behold the King, the King of King s! Triple H made his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction and got on the mic. Triple H said Cena doesn t want to be him? Don t worry; he doesn t think any one in the world would confuse Cena for him. The fans chanted you tapped out at Triple H and Triple H said he doesn t care. He said whether they like him or hate him, they all respect him, because he is a ten time World Champion, and he has beaten them all, and because he beat Cena last week right where he s standing. Triple H said he made a mistake taking Cena lightly and it will never happen again. Cena said don t move a muscle, we are in the midst of a perfect match, we have an asshole and a man who kisses ass! Cena said he should leave and let them make out for a while. Cena said he respects Triple H, and should learn from him. Lesson one; never make the same mistake twice. Last week he Pedigreed him in the middle of the ring, you want to try and make the same mistake right now? Cena took off his shirt and Edge said to hold on. He said those two think they are the only contenders, at WrestleMania he destroyed a hardcore maniac at his own game! Lita slipped pout during this and it was very visible. Photos are at the link below. He destroyed Mick Foley and you will never see his ass in a WWE ring again and that is because of him! He said he was the star of WrestleMania, and if you think otherwise then you are a complete joke! He said he d prove it tonight, but he s still recovering from his injuries, but at Backlash, whether it s Cena or Triple H, he will beat one of their asses and walk out of the ring as WWE Champion. Triple H asked if he was done now, and asked Edge if he was going to hang his hat on the fact that he beat Mick Foley? Triple H said he did that six years ago, and as far as Mick Foley not coming back around, he doubts it. He said Foley is like a turd that won t go away, no matter how many times you flush, he keeps coming back! Triple H said Edge looks angry and is about to get angrier. He said before he came out here, he got a phone call from the old man, Vince McMahon, and he informed him of the main event. Triple H said Edge thinks he can beat either one of them, but does he think he can beat them both at the same time? Triple H said tonight it will be Edge and he can bring the booby prize (Lita) and he will face Triple H and his partner, the one and only, John Cena. Edge looked pissed and said this is crap. He said this is only happening because he s the biggest threat to them. Edge and Lita stormed to the back. Triple H then offered Cena a handshake and Cena went to take it and then slapped Triple H right across the face!

Referee: Jack Doan
Rob Conway vs. Rob Van Dam

The music of Rob Conway is playing in the arena, and during the break he got in the path of Triple H was levelled with a right hand. Rob Van Dam s music then hit, and we are ready to go! Before we could start, Shelton Benjamin s music hit and he made his way down as the Intercontinental Champion.

The match:

Conway jumped RVD from behind and went to work on him with right hands as Benjamin joined the commentary team. Conway knocked RVD down and then RVD started to come back with a side kick and Conway bailed to the outside. RVD followed out and laid Conway on the barricade and then went to the apron and came off with the corkscrew leg drop. Benjamin challenges RVD to the Money in the Bank at Backlash as RVD hits a side kick from the top rope on Conway. RVD then nailed rolling thunder and then leaped up top and came off with the Five Star for the win.

Winner – Rob Van Dam

The Aftermath:

Steve Romero caught up with RVD after the match and he says that Shelton Benjamin has challenged RVD at Backlash for the Money in the Bank. RVD says he doesn t need a week to think about it, there s no way he s putting up the Money in the Bank title shot just because Shelton thinks he deserves a second chance. He said if Shelton wants the match, he can think about putting up the Intercontinental Title, and he ll give him a week to think about that, because when the time is right, you can call Mr. Money in the Bank, WWE Champion, and new Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam!


Maria is backstage with Mickie James. She says Mickie won the title at WrestleMania, how does it feel? Mickie said it s amazing and she has to thank Trish Stratus, if it wasn t for her, she wouldn t be Women s Champion. She said out of all her WrestleMania s, this has been the greatest; she can t wait to go home to Toronto to celebrate. Maria said Mickie isn t from Toronto, and then Mickie got pissed. Mickie said she has an idea. Instead of celebrating tonight, how about she has her first title defense again Maria. Maria got excited and said that s so awesome. Mickie said it will be Stratusfaction guaranteed.


Steve Romero is backstage with Kane and talks to him about See No Evil. We go to an exclusive look at the movie and it opens everywhere May 19. We are given comments by the director and co stars. Romero said he was hoping for a word with Kane but he s left the area and they can t track him down.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Kane and The Big Show vs. The Spirit Squad (c)

The music of the Spirit Squad hit as they made their way to the ring as the new World Tag Team Champions and Johnny and Nicky will be defending the gold tonight against the team they beat for the gold last week, the Big Show and Kane! Kane is then shown backstage with some whispers, like he was hearing things, and he wasn t looking too good. They are saying you can t stop it, May 19th, it s happening again Kane . Show then came in and said it s okay and asked if Kane was alright. Kane said he was good, and let s go do this thing. Back on RAW after commercial and the Squad are still dancing around and then Kane and Big Show make their way down.

The start:

Show tossed Johnny to the corner and put his shirt over his head and nailed him with a huge chop to the chest. Show continued to chop away at Johnny and then stood right on his head. Show nailed a huge slam and then kicked Johnny in the gut and choked him over the middle rope. Show sent Johnny head first to the corner and then ripped his shirt off and chopped him again.

Mid-match notes:

Show tagged in Kane who kicked at Johnny in the corner. Kane scored with a hip toss on Johnny and we are shown a huge hand print of the Big Show on Johnny s chest. Nicky tagged in and Kane nailed him with an uppercut. Johnny got a blind tag and saved Nicky from a slam and then Johnny hit some right hands and then hit an elbow in the corner but got caught on a cross body attempt. Nicky then came in and dropkicked Johnny onto Kane and got one. Kane came back with a back suplex and then Show tagged in and gave Johnny a head butt and then stood right on him in the corner with all his weight. Show clubbed the back of Johnny and gave him another head butt. Show kicked at Johnny in the corner and then Kane pulled him to the outside and gave him a right hand. Show bealed Nicky into the ring and Nicky screamed like a chick as Show press slammed Nicky over the top to the outside onto the entire Squad!

Back on RAW and Kane is up top but one of the Squad knocked him down. Johnny then nailed a spin kick on Kane and tagged in Nicky. Nicky hammered away on Kane and then Kenny nailed a cheap shot from the outside and then Nicky covered for one. Kane came back with right hands and then Nicky hit a dropkick to the knee and sent Kane outside. The Squad stomped away on Kane on the outside and Show chased them off. Nicky sent Kane back inside and then tagged in Johnny. Johnny kicked away at the leg of Kane and then locked in a grapevine. Kane kicked Johnny away and then Nicky tagged back in and they nailed a groin puller for two. Kane started to fight back with right hands and went for the tag but Johnny tagged in and hit a dropkick to the back of Kane from the top for two. Nicky tagged back in and they continued to work over the leg with another groin puller and Nicky covered for two.

The Finish:

Johnny tagged in and they went for a double suplex and scored with it but then Kane sat up. The Squad hammered away on him and clotheslined Kane to the outside. Kane started to fight back with uppercuts on the outside and then slammed Nicky into the apron and sent him back inside. Kane slammed Johnny head first into the ring steps and then grabbed a chair! Kane started tossing chairs into the ring and the referee called for the bell.

Winners by disqualification, and still World Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad

The Aftermath:

Kane got back in the ring and gave Johnny a chokeslam and then Nicky came in and got a chokeslam too. Kane grabbed a chair and the referee tried to stop him but then he grabbed the referee and gave him a chokeslam too! Show then got in the ring and asked Kane if he was okay. Show asked what was wrong with him and told him to calm down. Kane then got in Show s face and pushed him. Show got pissed and shoved him back and said he doesn t care what s going on in his head, he doesn t push him. Show told him to calm down and then Kane acted like he was calming down and then grabbed Show by the throat. Show tried to break the grip and then grabbed Kane by the throat and Kane raked the eyes and gave Show a chokeslam! Kane has snapped!

Coming Up:

Vince and Shane McMahon were shown in a church, and we will see that footage next!


Steve Romero is backstage with John Cena. Romero said later tonight he ll be teaming with Triple H against Edge. Cena said it will be great; he and Triple H are the best of friends. He said if Triple H has a hidden agenda, he has no problem making either of them tap out.

Earlier Today:

Vince and Shane are shown entering a church. Shane asks if this is a good idea, and Vince said he s never been in a place like this before. He said he s looking for Shawn Michaels tag team partner, and he will find him right here. They went to give a donation, and Vince went to give his card but Shane said it was cash only. Vince asked what kind of outfit they are running here. Vince went to wash his hands in the holy water, and then slurped some up and acted like Triple H with the water. Shane looked shocked. They come up the alter and Vince yells god are you there, it s me, Mr. McMahon! Vince said God created the world, he created WWE. He said God created Adam and Eve, and he created Steve Austin and the Rock. He said he doesn t believe in a day off, and has a stronger work ethic than god. He said he cast down the devil into the depths of hell, but he cast down Ted Turner out of business. He has his commandments and Vince has his. Vince pulled out a sheet of paper and read off his commandments. He is the boss, and there is no other before him. Thou shalt not tell him to move on, or toss urine in his face. Thou shalt not tell him to suck it, or take his disciples face and shove it in his rectal cavity. He said Michaels broke all his commandments and now he will face the Backlash, and not even God can protect him. Vince tells Shane to recite a prayer. Shane said the lord as his Sheppard; he will fear no evil except for Mr. McMahon and his disciple. His toned body who produced the life giving semen that produced him. They then go to the altar and Vince says he will release the apocalypse on Michaels at Backlash. He said for god to strike him down, and nothing happens. McMahon goes on a rant and then some thunder is heard.

Referee: Jack Doan
Umaga vs. Chris Kelly

Armando Alejandro Estrada is in the ring and he presents to us the man who is changing the face of RAW, Umaga! His opponent is Chris Kelly, better known as Colt Cabana.

The match:

Umaga goes straight to work on the jobber and stomps him down in the corner. Umaga chanrged at him and nailed him with a butt bump, snapping his head back. Umaga then went up top and came off with a headbutt. Umaga then jammed his thumb into the side of the neck of this jobber with a nerve hold and the guy passed out.

Winner – Umaga

In the arena:

Carlito is in the ring and he said he went on a bit of a diet last week. He lost about 275lbs of dead weight called Chris Masters! He said he s a piece of something, not a Masterpiece. He said this isn t about wasting Carlito s time, or screwing up at Mania. Carlito said Chris Masters is not cool. Master s music then hit as he made his way down to the ring. Masters said to relax; he isn t going to beat Carlito up. He said he will beat Carlito s ass at Backlash. He said maybe he did screw Carlito at Mania, but Carlito screwed him at New Years Revolution. Carlito said he was the one who was screwed. Carlito said he doesn t remember. Masters said he never forgot, so at WrestleMania, maybe he messed up, but then again, maybe he didn t. Carlito said Masters cost them the Tag Titles at Mania just to get even? That s the stupidest thing he s heard. Carlito said the Master Lock is stupid, and said he wants a Master Lock challenge right here. Masters said he s on, but in case he didn t realise, no one has ever broken the Master Lock. A referee came down with a chair and Carlito sat in it and Masters told Carlito to get rid of the apple. Carlito said he can hold the apple if he wants, and then Masters grabbed it and turned his back and Carlito nailed him with a chair from behind!

Chavo Quits:

We are shown footage of last week with Chavo Guerrero losing his Intercontinental Title match against Shelton Benjamin, and then quitting afterwards. We are then informed that next week on RAW, Jim Ross will interview Chavo Guerrero.

Women s Championship Match
Referee: Mickey Henson
Maria vs. Mickie James (c)

The Women s Champion, Mickie James, made her way to the ring in Trish getup, and she is set to make her first title defense against Maria.

The match:

The announcers have a ton of Subway in front of them and Coach digs in as we get underway with Mickie kicking away at Maria. Maria went for a rollup and got two. Maria with a go behind but then Mickie elbowed her and stomped away. Mickie kicked Maria in the gut and stomped away on her some more. Mickie nailed a slam and then went to the middle rope and went for an elbow but Maria moved. Maria hit a boot in the corner and then Mickie hit a modified backbreaker. Maria went for a move but Maria reversed into a sunset flip and then a rollup for one. Maria nailed some forearms but then Mickie hit a spinning back kick and scored with the Mick Kick for the win.

Winner and still Women s Champion, Mickie James

The Aftermath:

Trish then came to the ring dressed like Mickie James! Trish jumped around and grabbed a mic and said oh my god it s Mickie James, it s so totally awesome! My grandpappy was like your biggest fan ever! And she wants to be just like her, the WWE Women s Champion! Trish then kissed Mickie and jumped around and Mickie looked freaked. What in the world? Trish looks hot as a brunette.

Handicap Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Edge vs. Triple H and John Cena

The music of the Game hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this Handicap Match and he will team with WWE Champion John Cena against Edge, and these three men will meet at Backlash in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship!

The start:

Edge attacked Cena from behind and hammered away at him with right hands. Edge stomped away on Cena and then nailed more forearm shots in the corner. Edge hit an elbow to the lower back for two and continued to stomp away at the WWE Champion. Cena came back with a back elbow and a belly to belly for two. Cena chased Edge around the ring and Edge tossed Lita into Cena and then nailed a cheap shot.

Mid-match notes:

Edge sent Cena back into the ring and covered for one. Cena came back with a cradle suplex and then a right hand and Triple H tagged in. Cena didn t like it and got out and then Triple H nailed Edge with the high knee. Triple H hit right hands in the corner and then Lita got on the apron and Triple H was distracted enough for Edge to hit a cheap shot and then gave Triple H a baseball slide to the outside. Edge slammed Triple H head first into the announce table, and then shoulder first into the ring steps.

Edge sent Triple H back inside and covered for two. Edge nailed more right hands in the corner and then the Edge-o-matic for two. Edge choked at Triple H and then hit some mounted punches. Triple H came back with a low blow while the referee was distracted with Lita. Triple H hit right hands and Edge fought back with rights of his own. Triple H then nailed the facebuster but then Edge caught him with a DDT.

The Finish:

Edge went for the spear but Triple H moved and then hit a spinebuster. Triple H went for the tag and made it. Cena nailed some clotheslines to Edge and then a spinning powerbomb. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and then went for the FU but Triple H put a stop to it and hit the Pedigree. Cena then hit Triple H with the FU and locked in the STFU on Edge and Edge tapped!

Winners – Triple H and John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena celebrated his victory and this week he got the one up on both Triple H and Edge. Cena held his WWE Championship high as RAW went off the air.