WWE SmackDown! Results - April 28, 2006

Credit: Chad Matthews of lordsofpain.net

The show opened with a video hyping the World Heavyweight Championship match b/t Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle.

Match 1: United States Champion JBL vs. William Regal
-(CMV1 note- prior to the match, JBL came down to the ring for an anti-England promo. Sporting the red, white, and blue, Bradshaw taunted the English in many ways and called himself an American Hero in much the same way he d normally say he was a Wrestling God. He ripped into England big time in claiming they were America s lapdog. Regal eventually came down to defend his country and trash the U.S. Thus, we got ourselves a championship match). Regal was all over JBL at the start, catching him with a backdrop and mocking him by putting on his cowboy hate. He proceeded to use his jacket to choke the champ before drilling him with a few European uppercuts and a forearm blow. More of the same followed as the crowd got really behind Regal. After several more European uppercuts, JBL fell out of the ring and we got a dreaded mid-match commercial break (which I wouldn t have expected). Back from the break, Regal was choking JBL with his boot. Bradshaw finally got some offense in with a big boot after he reversed an Irish whip and caught him coming off the ropes. JBL followed with a hard right hand and several clubbing blows in the corner. Regal battled back for a short time, but JBL quickly regained momentum with a sleeper hold. Eventually, Regal his bearings and gave JBL a side suplex. The comeback was again short-lived, though, as JBL came rolling back with a hard shoulder tackle and another big boot to the head. A swinging neckbreaker and a DDT scored the champion a near fall. JBL then went for the Clothesline from Hell, but Regal countered and caught him with an exploder suplex for a close near fall. Regal followed with a running knee and then locked in the Regal Stretch. JBL was too close to the ropes, though, and managed to break the hold. Regal stayed on the offensive, but Bradshaw poked him in the eye. The finish came when JBL defeated Regal at 10:51 via the Clothesline from Hell. (CMV1 rating- * ?) (CMV1 note- decent brawler-style match, but nothing special and with a poor finish. The promos from each of them prior to the match were really good and spirited, though).

Backstage, Booker T (w/ Sharmell) talked about how he was going to win the King of the Ring tournament. Then, Gunner Scott showed up and reminded the Bookerman of how he pinned him in his debut match on Smackdown. Book proceeded to insist he could beat Scott on any given night, but that it wouldn t be tonight. Playing the cowardly heel, Book claimed that he was feeling under the weather, and that he had a cold. However, he did say that he could find Gunner an opponent&he said he d get back to him. (CMV1 note- Booker T is really hitting his strike on the microphone these days&doing a very nice job of playing the cowardly heel).

Highlights of Kurt Angle s first championship win aired from No Mercy 2000, when he defeated the Rock.

A historical video explaining Tatanka s heritage aired. It contained interviews of his fellow tribe members, of which the legendary Crazy Horse was a member of. The video closed with a zoomed in shot of Tatanka, with a caption reading Next week&the initiation begins.

Match 2: WWE Tag Team Champions MNM and Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and Super Crazy
-(CMV1 note- Helms return was addressed simply by Michael Cole stating, Hey&he s back ). The heels attacked to get us underway, but the faces fought back quickly. Action spilled to the outside as London and Kendrick took out MNM with double suicide dives and Super Crazy took out Helms with a plancha. Back in the ring, MNM took control when Melina interfered and pushed Kendrick off the top rope. Helms scored with a modified Northern Lights Suplex and tagged Mercury. In a nice double team move, Mercury hit a backbreaker, tagged in Nitro, and Johnny hopped over the top rope and landed an elbow drop. Helms tagged back in and used an abdominal stretch to keep Brian at bay. However, Kendrick fought out and tagged London. Paul went wild with a series of kicks before using a rolling clutch pin to score a near fall on Helms. The finish came soon after when London reversed a Helms vertical suplex attempt into a roll-up for the win. Crazy, London, and Kendrick defeated Helms and MNM at 3:59. (CMV1 rating- *). (CMV1 note- fast-paced and exciting action, but not long enough to amount to much. Nice little storyline going for the tag titles&.think they can hold off on the title match until Judgment Day?).

Highlights of Kurt Angle s second championship win aired from Unforgiven 2001, when he defeated Steve Austin.

Backstage, Melina yelled at Mercury and Nitro for losing yet again. She proceeded to bump into Jillian Hall and mock her for having been fired last week. This led to a cat fight w/ the use of cosmetic products.

Further backstage, Bobby Lashley said he was looking forward to facing Mark Henry and that he viewed the KOTR tournament as a big opportunity. He said that he aspired to join the list including Austin, Trips, and Hart as winners of the King of the Ring.

Highlights of Kurt Angle s third championship win aired from Armageddon 2002, when he defeated Big Show.

Match 3: King of the Ring (Round 1)- Mark Henry vs. Bobby Lashley
-(CMV1 note- the winner advances to face the winner of Benoit vs. Finlay, which takes place next week). A lock up to start, but Henry quickly overpowered Lashley and threw him to the mat. Another lock up and again Henry overpowered and sent Lashley crashing into the turnbuckle. A stare down followed before Lashley went to work with several right hand and forearm shots. He then tried to body slam Henry, but Mark countered and connected with a clubbing blow and a headbutt. Henry whipped him hard into the corner and followed with an explosive clothesline for a near fall. Mark continued to dominate with basic offense, but soon hit a backbreaker for another near fall. Lashley tried to battle back, but got a headbutt for his troubles. Bobby finally made his comeback, using three running clothesline to knock the big man down. He also managed a body slam, but he was unable to connect on his attempt at the Dominator. Henry got a full head of steam once he shook off the cob webs and came running full steam at Lashley. Unfortunately for the World s Strongest Man, Lashley moved out of the way, sending Henry over the top rope and crashing to the floor below. The finish came when the referee counted to 10 while Henry was on the outside, thus giving Lashley the win at 5:10. (CMV1 rating- ? *) (CMV1 note- lumbering big man match that saw Henry dominate&that s never a good thing for match quality, but this bout was effective enough in keeping Henry looking strong while making sure to get Lashley through to round 2). After the match, Henry cut Lashley s celebration short and gave him a running splash against the ring post.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio was interviewed about his second title defense. He said that he had all the respect in the world for Kurt Angle and that he hoped to beat him, retain the title tonight, and keep living his dream. To do so, he said he planned on avoiding the ankle lock at all costs. However, if he failed in his attempt to retain, Rey said that it will have all been worth it to be the champion.

Highlights of Kurt Angle s fourth championship win aired from Vengeance 2003, when he defeated Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a triple threat match.

Match 4: Gunner Scott vs. Fit Finlay
-(CMV1 note- prior to the match, Booker announced that Finlay would be facing Scott and then proceeded to join Cole and Tazz for commentary). Finlay got first strike points with a headlock takedown. From the headlock, Finlay switched to an armbar-mulekick combo. He followed with a few European uppercuts and Irish whipped him into the corner. Gunner leapfrogged it and connected with a dropkick that sent Finlay to the outside. Scott tried to follow with a baseball slide, but Finlay pulled out the ring skirt and trapped Gunner as he came sliding out of the ring. Back in the ring, Finlay dominated with basic slams before ascending to the second rope. He came flying off for an elbow drop, but Gunner got his foot up to catch him in the jaw. Gunner eventually connected with a snap belly-to-belly suplex and slingshotted him over the top rope and out of the ring. On the outside, Finlay tried to regain control with the use of his shillelagh, but Gunner prevented it. Booker T then got up, grabbed the stick, and slammed Scott in the head with it. The finish came when Finlay took advantage of Book s interference, hit the Emerald Frosion, and picked up the win. Finlay defeated Gunner Scott at 3:46. (CMV1 rating- ? *) (CMV1 note- not bad, but really short). After the match, Book and Finlay beat down Gunner, prompting Chris Benoit to make the save.

Scenes from Kane s movie, See No Evil and interviews with his co-stars aired.

Davairi came to the ring with the Great Khali. More of the same from these two, saying that they broke the Undertaker s spirit and what not.

Highlights of Kurt Angle s fifth championship win aired, when he defeated the SD roster in a Battle Royal earlier this year.

Match 5: World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle
-Angle started off in a crouched position and immediately attacked Rey s leg and ankle. Mysterio fired back with two arm drags, the second into an armbar. Angle came back quickly with a fireman s carry and an uppercut. He tried to capitalize with a splash in the corner, but Rey moved out of the way and mounted Kurt for 10 punches. Angle got back on the offensive with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and followed with a normal backbreaker. Rey fought back with punches and kicks, but when he came running at Angle near the ropes, the Olympic Hero caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex and tossed him over the top and to the floor. We then got a dreaded mid-match commercial break, but that was to be expected. Back from the break, Angle had Rey in a body scissor. Rey managed to escape and fight back with a elbows to the gut, but Angle stayed on him with a running knee lift. Kurt followed with a standing slam and signaled for the Angle Slam. Rey reversed into a pinning combo, but Angle countered the counter and synched in the ankle lock. Rey rolled through and sent Angle flying across the ring. Kurt recovered quick and came running at Rey. Mysterio ducked, though, and Angle caught him in a sunset flip. Rey rolled through that, though, and connected with a kick to the face. Once each man reached their feet, Rey got the better of Angle, got him with a tilt-a-whirl head scissor, and dropped him into 619 position. As Rey went for the finish, Angle countered and caught the champion with a back elbow smash. Angle then got himself fired up and hit a belly-to-belly suplex before poising himself for the Angle Slam. He went for it again, but Rey countered for the second time, this time switching it into a DDT for a close near fall. To the top Rey Mysterio went, but Angle rushed up the ropes like steps and butterfly suplexed him off. 1&2&No!!! Rey barely kicked out! Angle proceeded to use shoulder thrusts to maintain momentum, but when he attempted a running thrust, Mysterio moved out of the way and sent Kurt into the ring post. Mysterio set himself up on the apron and waited for Angle to inch his way back into the ring. When Angle put his head through the ropes, Rey springboarded and leg dropped the former champion for a near fall. Kurt soon regained control, though, as when Rey tried to hit a wheelbarrow bulldog, Angle countered and connected with a release German suplex that sent Rey into a full back flip that sent him crashing onto his face. Angle then poised himself and went for the Olympic Slam for a third time, but Mysterio again countered and sent him back into 619 position with a hurricanrana. This time, Rey connected on his finisher, but when he tried to follow with the Seated Senton, Angle powerbombed him and synched in the ankle lock submission. As Rey struggled, Mark Henry came in out of nowhere and pummeled the Olympic champion, prompting the DQ. Afterwards, Henry splashed Angle into the ring post just as he had done to Lashley. He then got a table from under the ring, placed Angle on top of it, and splashed him through it off the apron. Angle and Rey wrestled to a no-contest at 14:55. (CMV1 rating- *** ?) (CMV1 note- really good T.V. main-event, but the poor finish and the relative lack of time given to it knocked it down a notch. Hopefully, they ll get 20-minutes on PPV one of these days. I m not sure I get the WWE s insistence on pushing Mark Henry at the top. In fact, it s getting rather old watching him try to be something he s not. Is he okay in his role as a menacing big man? Yes&but does that warrant him getting a main-event push when they are almost sure to let his contract run out this fall? No! Anyhow, you can t let Henry s involvement take away from the performance that Rey and Angle put on. Once again, I hope we haven t seen the last of Angle vs. Rey)