Another WWE Spoiler, What Happend On May 19, Ric Flair

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I was watching the Canes Vs. Devils on TSN and they were doing a reminder that RAW was coming up following the game but they had Flair doing his strut and "woooooos" across the screen and he was wearing a Canes jersey (seeing as how he is from that area) it was pretty funny and the commentators were commenting on how he was 16 time Champ and the other commentator said "So I guess that means he lost it 16 times." and
they both said that they had absolutely no idea that he had been the champ that many times. (Thanks to Robin Mckenna)


The commercial advertisements for RAW here in Pittsburgh on June 5th at the Mellon arena are advertising the main event as a Street Fight between John Cena and Edge for the WWE Championship. (Thanks to Nicholas Lancos)

I did a search on Yahoo and came up with Kane's bio and the following info:
On May 19, 1998, Kane was revealed to be the result of a furtive union between The Undertaker's mother and Paul Bearer, an employee at the funeral home in Death Valley owned by The Undertaker's parents. When Kane and The Undertaker were children, The Undertaker "accidentally" burned down the funeral home, killing their parents and hideously scarring Kane both physically and mentally (the parents of The Undertaker are supposedly buried somewhere on Long Island; during an episode of RAW taped on Long Island, Kane and Bearer ostensibly exhumed their bodies and brought them to the arena). Bearer, who survived the fire, hid Kane in a mental asylum as he grew up and went on to form an alliance with The Undertaker. After suffering mistreatment at the hands of The Undertaker, Bearer opted to bring Kane in to the WWF in order to gain vengeance upon The Undertaker. (Thanks to Matthew House)