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Just thought I would let you know that I was looking for prices and release dates for Backlash 2006., and Wal-Mart both had release dates for Backlash 2006 on Tuesday, May 30th, while WWE’s own online shop ( listed the release date as Friday, June 2nd. I went in to my local F.Y.E. store on Monday May 29th and there was Backlash 2006 for $17.99. I find this, along with many other recent WWE “screw ups’ to be very interesting. (Thanks to Dan Forrest)

I just got the Backlash DVD and it comes with a free TOPPS card (I got SCOTTY 2 HOTTY). The DVD also shows footage of RVD and JOEY STYLES talking backstage and RVD says that STYLES should have called his match. RVD also says that JOEY is the best in the business. (Thanks to 888)

I purchased the WrestleMania 22 DVD set at Walmart for about $20 and it came bundled up with the Rey Mysterio “619” DVD for free. (Thanks to Dustin Cole)

There are several Billboards all over England with HBK Sweetchining Hogan and Rey doing a 6-1-9 on Orlando Jordan. Its advertising that WWE is exclusively on Sky Sports. (Thanks to Bobby)

The SmackDown Taping that will take place on 6/6 in Wheeling, West Virginia is supposed to feature a main event of: The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry & The Great Khali in a handicap match. This is according to the television spots that have been running on local TV. (Thanks to D.J. Peckens)