Backstage News, Possible Spoilers For WWE Judgment Day


– Since the match was first booked, the plan has been for John Bradshaw Layfield to defeat Rey Mysterio for the World Championship at Judgment Day. There has been a strong push this past week, however, to keep the belt on Mysterio, so he could very well end up retaining.

– WWE also originally planned to put the Tag Titles on Kendrick and London, but it is not known if WWE still intends to follow through with that title switch.

– There has been some internal debate about the King Of The Ring final. Most believe the KOTR crown is an effective way to elevate a wrestler (in this case, it would make more sense to elevate Lashley), but there are also a number of people who feel there is more storyline upside in allowing Booker T and Sharmell to play the King/Queen role.