Backstage News: TNA's Financial Status, & More


Both TNA President Dixie Carter and Scott D'Amore have made the rounds in the wrestling media this week hoping to reiterate some of TNA's goal and their current timeslot situation with Spike TV. Although many critics called TNA's bump from 9pm to 11pm a step back, 11pm on Thursday night is still considered a primetime spot in the cable industry despite popular belief. And with the solid UFC programming lead-in, TNA seems to have benefited more at 11 instead of 9 when they would have faced tougher competition.


All indications at this point is that Panda Energy, the financial backers for TNA, are still firmly behind the promotion and have no intentions of pulling out despite the amount of money they have invested and have yet to profit on. Everyone involved has been impressed with TNA's growth over the last four years and feel it is on track to hitting another stride very soon if things continue to go well. It should also be noted that Panda Energy and TNA have held back on investing more money into free agents such as Bill Goldberg at this point as they don't want to present anything "huge" so to speak until they are given a second hour by Spike TV and an even stronger timeslot. Any reports claiming Panda is seeking a way out of their investment with TNA at this time are 100% false.


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