Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

Luke Perry of Beverly Hills: 90210 fame was backstage at RAW on Monday, May 1 meeting wrestlers with friends. He was later shown on camera during the show.

Lemmy and Motorhead were also backstage. They are regular guests of WWE whenever in Anaheim.

John Cena is said to be having fun with the crowd boos. He has been patted on the back for staying persistent and even regaining fans during the current program with Triple H. Cena got a good reaction from fans during the tour of California, which worked out great with merchandise sales. Vince McMahon is said to be the most impress with sales of John Cena Merchandise. Most insiders say that this is the reason why Vince is so hesitant in turning Cena heel. McMahon wants to do nothing dramatic that could affect Cena and his current workaholic work ethic in the long run. Plus he doesn t want to see those sales dwindle.