Batista's Comments On Real Life Fight With Booker T

The following are Batista's comments to regarding the real-life fight between him and Booker T this past Monday at the Summerslam commercial shoot:

We had to get past this. It had been brewing for a long time, says former World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista in an exclusive interview with about the brutal fight he had with Booker T Monday on the set of the WWE SummerSlam commercial shoot in Encino, Calif. The fight was so intense both men were left swollen and bloodied and it took nearly a half dozen Superstars to separate them.

It s over, says Batista. We will agree to disagree. We won t be friends, but we will work together. I can promise you we won t cause problems. But Batista does have an issue with the way he s been portrayed in the locker room. Some guys say I ve been running around claiming to be the top-money draw in the company, that I m carrying the WWE on my back. I never said anything like this, the rumors break my heart. I would never disrespect guys like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H with comments like these. I am not a Prick!

Batista says he hopes the issue is finally over. I want to move on, it s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can t wait to get back to work again .