Former WWF wrestler Steve Doll is on life support this morning at The Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Doll’s kidney’s shut down on him this morning. Doll was part of the tag team “Well Dunn” in the mid-90’s as Steven Dunn. Doll was also a part of the very popular tag team, The Southern Rockers, in the Oregon area some 15 years ago. has an article up noting that both Batista and Booker T had breakfast yesterday before the presentation for the new CW Network in New York City. The article notes the two talked things over and are now moving forward. “We had a good talk, and we ll have no problem working together and being professional,” said Booker T. “We re going to do what s right for each other s careers and the future of the company.”

Mick Foley has a new blog up for this week where he talks about the somewhat lack of reaction to the ECW angle two weeks ago on RAW involving Tommy Dreamer. Foley also talks about the segment with Terry Funk this past Monday night on RAW.

There is also an interview up with Kane on talking about “See No Evil” opening tonight. has an article up taking a look at the recent commercial shoot for SummerSlam.