Big Russian Makes WWE Debut, New WWE Diva Debuts, & More

Jerry Jarrett's Russian prot?g? Oleg Prudius made his WWE debut at a Raw brand house show in San Jose last night. He defeated Rob Conway in a seven minute match. Unfortunately, the crowd turned on the match with loud "boring" chants. Prudius is said to be 6'6" and approximately 300 pounds. He does an MMA fighter gimmick and he wears an upper body gi with "sambo" written on it. Also, he is said to be tremendously green.

Shelly Martinez makes her official WWE debut on this weekend's edition of Velocity as she was at ringside for Paul Burchill's match with the Road Warrior. She will be referred to as Shelly and she was described as being a "buxom wench."

Other matches on Velocity this weekend include Gregory Helms going one on one with Mike Alteri (Mikey Batts), Bobby Lashley wrestling T.J. Dalton, and Orlando Jordan takes on Matt Hardy in the main event.