Big Updates On The D-X Return & Booker T/Batista Fight

Source: PWInsider

As noted late last night, The Booker T-Batista fight is a shoot and was not planned by WWE. From what is known, there has been heat building between Booker T and Batista for some time now. Booker T believes that when Batista was champion he took the attitude of "I carried this company on my back" and "I'm the one making this company make money". That rubbed some people the wrong way and it came to a halt on Monday when Booker T stood up and told him to chill out. The confrontation escalated into a fight and was later broken up by other WWE wrestlers. Sharmell came in at the end of the fight to trey to calm things down. Many talents backstage at the SmackDown! tapings were shown high-fiving Booker T for backing up his true feelings. For those wondering, his comments on are exactly how he feels about the entire deal. It's interesting to note that WWE chose to 'report' something like this. It was likely done to throw off other 'news' sites like this one.

We've been reporting for awhile now that WWE marketing has sent out press releases to various media outlets promoting Vengeance. All the previews so far indicate "The return of D-X". In the Charlotte market, there are commercials indicating that tickets for Vengeance go on sale Saturday May 13th and mentioned the "Return of Degeneration X" at the PPV. This just furthers the rumors of a D-X return at the PPV or the night after.