Big WWE Spoiler, Dreamer, New WWE Talent, More

The tag team of Jamie Noble and Kid Kash will be doing a Rick Steiner/Pitbulls "dogpound" style gimmick complete with matching collars, chains and tights. They also bark, crawl and bite during their matches. Noble and Kash debuted this new gimmick at last night's Velocity tapings prior to Smackdown.


A source is telling me that Shelly Martinez, who appeared alongside Paul Burchill during the Velocity tapings two weeks ago, has been sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling. She hasn't appeared at the last two Smackdown tapings. She was supposed to play Burchill's "buxom wench" as his new valet in a pirate gimmick. Apparently, Tommy Dreamer wasn't happy with her performance with Burchill at the Velocity tapings two weeks ago. She didn't seem to do too much when she was at ringside. Shelly is now playing Seth Skyfire's girlfriend in OVW.

Oleg Prudius is currently working as a babyface at some RAW brand house shows.