Chris Jericho, UFC/SmackDown, JBL & More

UFC purchased a gigantic (six stories high) billboard in Times Square in New York advertising the Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie match. It's noted that this giant billboard looks down on Times Square above a corner with trash cans with Smackdown ads on it (thanks to Joel Manaloto).

JBL talks media and stock tips at He said High Definition radio is going to leapfrog satellite radio, and that traditional music radio is dead.

VH-1 debuted a 40 Greatest Metal Songs two-hour special. Chris Jericho was all over it as one of the celebrity commentators. Well, Jericho knows his metal. Lots of ECW music made the list, such as Man In the Box, Walk, Back in Black, Enter Sandman and Thunder Kiss 65. However, WCW won this war, because the two greatest songs were Welcome to the Jungle and Iron Man, used by the Steiners and Road Warriors (thanks to Harry Simon)