Correct **SPOILERS** WWE Smackdown! Taping Results Elite member Jared Cheeseman sent this report, which is accurate.


Matt Hardy beat Sylvan.

Gunner Scott beat a jobber.

Gregory Helms beat a jobber.

Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, doing their Pitbull gimmick, beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki.



Lashley beat JBL to win US Title.

Tatanka beat Simon Dean.

Mark Henry beat Chris Benoit, then destroyed him after the match.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London beat Nunzio and Vito.

Finlay beat Paul Burchill, then Shortstack (the midget wrestler) showed up.

Rey Mysterio beat JBL to retain the World Title.

When Paul Heyman was shown there, there was mostly no reaction, except for me. I marked out big time.

The coronation for Booker T was great as well.