Crap Wrestling Games, Linda McMahon News & More

Thanks to Adam Lewbow for contributing to this post:

David Simpson of recently conducted an interview with RD Reynolds of WrestleCrap. The interview goes in-depth through all the past crapy wrestling games over the years, featuring all WWF/E, WCW and ECW games. It is quite an interesting read also featuring several screenshots of games which RD Reynolds and David Simpson brought up. To read the interview click here.

In an article that will be available on news stands in next weeks edition of Business Week, the publications online website has posted an article about the negative trend in ratings in NBC Universal, resulting in the TV Network and its digital and cable stations becoming the weakest chain of the General Electric portfolio. The article looks as the changes that have occurred recently to attempt to turn around the network, which is ranking 4th, behind CBS, ABC and Fox in most evenings. The end of the article, which has a great focus on Jeff Zucker, one of the main players right now over at NBC, has a comment from WWE CEO Linda McMahon (which the article mistakenly says is Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment) about how Zucker was able to promise WWE big bucks and the ability to promote in NBC Prime Time.

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