D-X/Vengeance Spoiler, SD vs. RAW 07, Cena/Edge

WWE have released the official poster for their WWE RAW pay-per-view, WWE Vengeance. The poster gives away one or two spoilers as it features both Edge and John Cena on the poster face to face from each other, therefore it look s like that the Vengeance PPV main event will be John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Edge. The poster also hints out the return of Degeneration-X with a D-X green tag sprayed on top of Edge and Cena s face.


THQ have sent ProWrestlingGames.com ten brand new screenshots of the latest WWE videogame WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007. Screenshots feature SmackDown Champion Rey Mysterio doing a lion moon-salt on RAW Champion John Cena through a table from
the top of the TitanTron down to the ground. John Cena chucking Rey Mysterio into the crowed through the rails and many more great shots.