Details On What Happened During Commercials On RAW Last Night

The following is a Unlimited report written by

After the opening main-event match on RAW this week, Unlimited caught up with Triple H as soon as he walked through the curtain to attempt to interview him about the match. HHH pushed the interviewer and walked away.

Grisham heads to the ring asking fans to hold up their signs to find out who wins sign of the night. "Mickie James is bo-polar", "Hey Carlito spit on me, I'm Cool", "May 19th See No Evil", "4 Days til May 19th", "Everything is bigger in Texas", "Marry me Kane", "Luckily My Playboy Is Laminated", "Kane See No Evil", "HBK in LBK", "ECW Lives", (Grisham repeated and said "ECW lives...maybe"), "Bow down to the King (HHH)", "We miss Eddie", "RVD", "The Champ is Here", "Hustle Loyalty Respect" and "May 19" were the signs showed on the big screen and on the Unlimited video.

Backstage, Snitsky is shown giving himself a foot massage and getting way too much into it. Goldust appears screaming and asking him what he's doing. We've got a tag-title match next. Snitsky said he needs a pedicure. Goldust talks about shattering Spirit Squad's dreams. Snitsky then mocks Goldust's gimmick. Goldust then steals Snitsky's line. They head to the ring.

An ECW Terry Funk promo airs showing Terry Funk's finer moments in Extreme Championship Wrestling. A lot of graphic stuff, and good commentary in the background from Joey Styles. Definitely building up him to be a physcho hardcore wrestler to oppose the "hardcore legend" Mick Foley in a tag match scheduled for One Night Stand.

After the Foley/Funk segment we see on a live shot of the ring as Terry Funk is being helped to the back by a number of WWE referees. The crowd is chanting loud for Funk as he slowly makes his way up the ramp holding his arm and shouting out something about hurting.

Then a bell rings and out comes Matt Striker with a head microphone on. Lilian introduces the match with Striker first. RAW resumes to catch the rest.

Maria makes her way to the ring. She grabs a microphone and asks everyone how they're doing tonight in Texas. She says she knows in Texas people like everything big. So she says for the fans to provide some big kisses for the WWE Unlimited kiss-cam. Couple number one is shown, and they oblige. An old couple is shown, they go for it. A young couple is shown, they go for it. Maria providing non-humorous commentary of the kissing. Maria asks for some tongue, next couple obliges and she says they've got a winner. More couples are shown, and they return to the first couple to finish it up and they kiss again. Wait, here's one more. Ok, that's all.

After HHH leaves with the sledgehammer given by Vince, Candice returns and Vince says let's get back to where we were before we were interupted. Vince's cell phone rings, and it's JBL. He says he's busy right now. JBL has a great idea for Vince, Vince likes it. Vince says he'll see JBL Friday. Vince is back with Candice. Vince asks Candice to ride him like a "horsie". They get up off the couch and take the coushins off. Vince says the couch is the horise. Candice says she'd pull her skirt up, staddle the horsie, bend down and arch her back and grab the big horn, and she grabs it really hard. Then she starts petting the horse, then she spanks him, then she rides him. Then faster and faster. Her and Vince scream. Then they finish their business as Candice kisses the couch and says, "good horsie."

Grisham walks to the end of the ramp in front of the live audience. He has a trivia contest giveaway, where you can win three autographed Edge t-shirts. He approaches a fan in a Longhorns jersey. His question is who defended the I-C title against Mountie at SNME on 1/27/92 and guessed Bret Hart. The correct answer was Roddy Piper. No t-shirt for him. Little kid is next named Christian. On 9/23/05 who debuted on SmackDown, fan guesses Bobby Lashley. He's right. The little kid wins a t-shirt. One more question, he looks to find a "hot girl". He thinks he sees one. She's alright. Which RAW star is from Texas? Torrie, Lilian, or Trevor Murdoch. She guesses Murdoch and is right, and wins an Edge autographed t-shirt. Trivia segment over, and he says get back to RAW.

We are shown a highlight from the return of Saturday Night's Main-Event, the HBK-Shane McMahon match. They show Vince ordering Shane to put the Sharpshooter on HBK, with Vince calling for the bell immediately, mocking the '96 Survivor Series screwjob.

Now we see a clip from 3 weeks ago on RAW. Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels rematch. The Shane dive onto the announcer table off the top rope is shown several times, and finally in slow motion.