(Credit: PWInsider.com)

WWE has trademarked “King Booker”.

The CW Network now has its website up. The site features a video which appears to be their first official network promo. SmackDown gets three clips in it, one of a Batista Bomb, Kurt Angle s entrance and Angle suplexing the Undertaker. The Smackdown page features Booker T in the foreground, with Batista and Melina in the background. The copy is the same as the press release from last week, including the mention of the brand’s most important person, Kevin Dunn.

WWE’s “The Rise And Fall Of ECW” book, which isn’t shipping from WWEShop.com until June 6, is currently shipping from Amazon.com.

The weekly ECW show will air in the United Kingdom via Sky Sports 3. The show will commence on Sunday, June 18 replacing WWE’s Velocity show. ECW’s One Night Stand PPV and the ECW vs WWE special on USA Network will both be broadcast live via Sky Sports 1.