ECW News: ECW Television Update, Dreamer, Francine

Source:, Wrestling Observer

"See No Evil", starring WWE superstar Kane, took in $1,650,000 last night, placing fifth for the night. It placed third in the average gross per theatre, behind only The Da Vinci Code and Over The Hedge.

On the latest edition of "Five Questions with the Champ" on, John Cena was asked about the net rumors & pictures of him supposedly having a girlfriend that turned up last week, and that he was quote unquote, "off the market." Cena got hot and he took several shots at wrestling sites such as this one. With a straight face, he claimed that they print nothing but garbage and that is where the truth is at. Also, Cena claimed that he was "single, available and easy."

Last night's edition of SmackDown drew a 3.0 fast national rating, with a 5.0 share. Considering that last night's show was preempted in several markets, that's a pretty good number. However, the number could be misleading because the ratings for sports events that preempted Smackdown last night were figured into the rating for some reason.

SmackDown will air at 7 p.m. tonight in Dallas after it was preempted last night for the Mavs/Spurs NBA playoff game. Also, Smackdown will air at 8 p.m. tonight in the Washington D.C. area.